Transaction & operating hours from 08.00 AM - 10.00 PM (Monday - Friday) 


 FNB   : 62723870780 

Reference recipient space: ENTER  MT4 FX ACCOUNT NUMBER

Upon completion of money transfer, please email the following information to :

  1. The name of FBS/JUSTFOREX trading account owner

  2. FBS/JUSTFOREX MT4 trading account number

  3. Total money transferred

  4. Bank used (abbreviation: ABSA@ FNB)

  5. Email 

  6. Mobile Number.

  7. The proof of payment

WARNING: Do not occasionally write the words Forex, USD, Deposit, FBS, in the recipient reference.




2. 169208



5. 076 3574 9384

If you are transferring money through a deposit counter, CDM or ATM transfer, please write the FBS/JUSTFOREX trading account name and account number on the receipt and send it to .

The balance will be credited into the customer's trading account within 5 minutes to 3 hours after the money transfer is confirmed.

For more than R80 000 will be completed within 24 hours, and if more than R500 000 it will be completed within 48 hours.

For weekend and public holiday deposits, FBS points will be credited before the market is opened.

please note 

fees are based on exchange rate after a commission of is been deducted.